Tree Service



Tree Trimming: Using I.S.A. industry standards, trimming services include Class I,II or III crown cleaning, crown reduction, crown thinning, and crown restoration. Canopy shaping, 9-3 palm tree trimming, mistletoe removal, and Class I,II, or III deadwood removal are other trimming services.



Building/Structure Clearance: Clearance from buildings, light fixtures and poles, rooftops, chimneys, sidewalks, signs, parking lots, carports, overhangs, etc. Industry standard is 3'-5' from buildings, 5'-10 from chimneys, 8' over sidewalks, 14' over streets and parking areas, and 5' over rooftops.


Tree Removal:  We have the capabilities to remove almost any size tree, in any location, using bucket trucks, cranes, or skilled tree climbers.



Tree Planting: replacing a tree that was removed.




Stump Grinding:  Stump Cutter allows us to get into backyards and/or frontyards.





Tractor Work/Demoliton: Our skid steer tractor allows us to move large wood.

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